When a woman expresses herself she is often referred to as a bitch or rather, the B-word.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial for us to be advocates for the issues that matter to us. So, instead of being insulted when someone starts name calling, let’s own it. Regardless of your race or gender, it is time to find your voice and perhaps give a voice to those who are unable to speak for themselves.

Oh, I’m a bitch because I’m speaking my mind?

Oh, he’s a bitch because he is taking a knee?

Oh, they’re a bitch because they believe that love wins, that families should be kept together, and that safe drinking water should be a basic human right?

So be it.

A percentage of the profits from each sale will be donated at the end of each year to reputable organizations, causes, movements, and charities that are working to affect positive change. Each Brazen Bee design will specify the charity that will be supported by your purchase. 

We hope to add new designs monthly. We welcome your feedback and ideas for not only the designs but worthwhile causes as well.

Brazen Bee was created for those of us who are have always been outspoken as well as those who aspire to be brazen in the face of adversity and social injustice.

Find your voice and wear it!